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Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited
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Equipment For Wastewater Treatment Plants

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment for wastewater treatment plants including surface aerators, fixed aerators, floating aerators, water clarifier, wastewater clarifier, water treatment clarifier, lamella clarifier, peripheral clarifier, central clarifier, clariflocculators, etc. These equipment are widely used to separate precipitate solids from effluent water, and for other similar purification tasks. Our range of equipment can be customized to meet the specific process requirements in different industries. We also offer screens that help in removing large particles from wastewater.

Clarifier / Mechanical Scraper Systems


Our mechanical scrapper system or clarifier is designed for low cost and efficient removal of solid particles from processed water. Water clarifier reduces the velocity of the water, ensuring that the incoming water is distributed uniformly in all the directions to fully utilize tank capacity. This also provides maximum setting time causing efficient separation of settled particles from water. Collected particles gradually travel down the through the slope forming sludge. The clear water in the overflows out via. launder.

Akar Impex Private Limited



Where water has to be clarified through addition of flocculants and where design considerations demand, clariflocculators provide an optimum solutions by giving high efficiency and economy of space and operation. In Akar clariflocculators, effluent mixed with flocculants is guided to the flocculation chamber. In the flocculation chamber rapid settling flocs are formed. The clariflocculator is designed as to cater to the capacity requirement both in terms of quantity of effluent as well as the flocs settling time consideration.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Oil Skimmers / Oil Removal Systems

Oil SkimmersOil Skimmers

Oil skimmer or oil removal system are widely used for removal of excess oil from sewage or industrial water. The sewage involves separation of the accumulated oil by kitchen. Kitchen absorb oil and other contaminants present in the water. In the case of industrial effluent water treatment plant, water used for washing contains oils that can be easily removed by oil skimmers. We offer different types of oil skimmers including tube type oil skimmers, belt type oil skimmers etc.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Dissolved Air Floatation Systems

Dissolved Air Floatation SystemsDissolved Air Floatation Systems

Dissolved Air Flotation System is the best solution for clarifying water with high levels of algae and other low-density solids that cannot be removed with sedimentation. These machines are designed to affect the highest solid capture and yield the highest level of recovered solids under a wide range of flow conditions. The efficiency for removal of oil / grease and suspended particles rates greater than 95 percent. In some sites, the reported efficiency is almost 99.9% for O&G and SS removal. Our range of DAF system has a record of proven performance in diverse industries for wastewater treatment.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Settling Tanks / Lamella Clarifier

Settling Tanks Settling Tanks

Settling tanks or lamella clarifiers provide an effective solution for the clarification of water and waste water. The clarifier achieves solid-liquid separation by directing the liquid between a series of inclined plates. The settling surface of each plate is equivalent to its horizontal projection. Lamellae are normally spaced approx. 50 mm apart, with the result that large settling surfaces are concentrated within a relatively small floor area. Stacking of the laminar plates result in increase of the settlement area, ten times more than any ordinary tank. We offer settling tanks / lamella clarifier in different sizes, designated by settling area.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Grit Removal System

Grit Removal SystemGrit Removal System

Our range of grit removal system has a proven record of highest removal efficiency over a wide range of daily flows. The proven efficiency is the result of innovative hydraulic design, which comprises of flat-floor, engineered baffle arrangements and low-energy, axial flow propeller. This combination creates a true vortex which effectively separates grit from the waste stream. The system is widely used for removal of grit and other discrete particles, separation of organic and inorganic, etc. It functions to reduce grit accumulation in downstream basins, channels, weirs and piping. We offer innovative range of grit removal system that features easy installation, simple operation and low maintenance cost.

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