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Akar Impex Private Limited
Akar Impex Private Limited
Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited
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Equipment For Wastewater Treatment Plants

We expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative equipments for wastewater treatment plants. These equipment incorporate latest technology for high level of separation, while providing lower operation cost. Every equipment is individually tested for quality and performance to ensure years of hassle-free services. Our range of equipment for wastewater treatment plants include surface aerators, floating aerators, mechanical surface aerators, floating surface aerators, mixers, fixed & mechanical streams, sludge thickeners, etc.

We are also manufacturing sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and compact sewage treatment plant. Our machines have proven record of satisfying our worldwide clients and have been highly appreciated in countries like Morroco, Jordan, Africa, Sri Lanka and more.

Surface Aerators - Fixed Aerators / Floating Aerators

Surface Aerators

Surface AeratorsSurface Aerators

We offer vertical shaft surface aerators that provide mechanical means of oxygen transfer to sewage or industrial effluent for treatment. These mechanical surface aerators and floating surface aerators provide the user advantage of durable construction, flexible design and maximum efficiency for wastewater treatment. Any degree of automation can be provided, including individual setting for aeration intensity. Our surface aerators can be installed in any configuration within aeration lanes thereby offering a broad range of treatment capabilities from small communities to major installations.

Floating Aerators

Floating AeratorsFloating Aerators

Our high quality floating aerators feature high speed rotation of the impeller to draw water. These floating aerators are equipped with heavy duty TEFC squirrel cage motors with IP-55 protection. Sturdy design enables the machine to withstand adverse weather condition, allowing for 24 hours of operation. Floats are fabricated with FRP and are filled with polyurethane foam for securing the aerators against accidental mishaps.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Mixers / Agitators


Our mixers and agitators are designed for maximum wastewater mixing efficiency. These mixers are ideal for use in anoxic basins for denitrification and phosphorus reduction. The innovative design facilitates in an unrivaled mixing and uniform top-to-bottom blending of the basin. We offer our clients choice for different reactor sizes and shapes based on the specific mixing application. Akar's mixers are well suited for new construction or for retrofitting in existing aeration basins.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Fixed And Mechanical Screens

Fixed And Mechanical ScreensFixed And Mechanical Screens

We manufacture high quality screens that are widely used for removing suspended particles from the waste water. These screens are perfectly suitable for large sewage or industrial effluent treatment plants. Screens are automatically cleaned for effective separation of suspended particle. Our engineers can also design manually cleaned coarse screens for smaller plants.
Akar automatic screens designs depend upon cliet's specific requirements and site conditions. Depending upon a multiple factors such as depth at which the effluent is available, space constraints

Akar Impex Private Limited

Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused Aeration SystemsDiffused Aeration Systems

Our aeration diffusers for treatment of waste water is available as a complete system with blowers and all in-basin aeration equipment. In this system air is injected into the effluent water at a fixed pressure such that in the ultimate analysis, the water receives the desired quantity of oxygen to maintain a given level of Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS). Air is injected into the water using network of diffusers. We specialize in customizing diffused aeration systems based on the specific requirements of the clients.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Filter Press

Filter PressFilter Press

Filter pressure work on the principle of pressure filters. The filter pack comprises of a series of plates and frames compressed between one fixed and one movable bulk head on the other end. Sludges are compressed between the fixed heads. A filter pump is used for feeding the moist sludge with solids & liquids through feed nozzle of the filter press to the chamber formed between the plates and the medium, leaving the solid trapped inside and the liquid drained out. Filter press is suitable for demoisturizing applications. Our range of filter presses include both manually as well hydraulically operated filter press.

Frame : Mild steel, Solid steel, Cast iron, Stainless steel (SS 304 / 316)
Filter Plates : Polypropylene, Cast iron.
Closing Devices : Ratchet Gear / Hand Hydraulic / Power Hydraulic

Akar Impex Private Limited

Sludge Thickeners

Sludge ThickenersSludge Thickeners

Our sludge thickeners provide an effective method to gravity concentrate and decant waste sludges. The system operates on aerobic system, which by means of bacterial process concentrates sludge thus reducing volume of sludge for easier transportation. Collected sludges are treated with oxygen to maintain and expedite concentration. Sludge thickeners are mostly used for thickening industrial or biological sludge's prior to advanced dewatering processes. These units can be free standing or constructed on a concrete base with numerous inlet and flow configurations and bottom rakes design as per the individual requirement of the client.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Trickling Filters

Trickling FiltersTrickling Filters

Our advanced range of trickling filters are engineered to provide a cost-effective process for treatment of both domestic and industrial wastewater. These filters are mostly used on the sites, where basic effluent quality is required. Rotatory distributor devices are employed for treatment on remote sites. The under drain system comprises of a network channel that discharge the filter into the main collection residue. Sedimented sludge automatically returns to the primary clarifier. Trickling filters can also be used for biological treatment in complex water treatment facilities.

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