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Types of Sewage Treatment Plants

We specialize in providing turnkey solutions for designing, development and installation of sewage treatment plants. These packaged sewage treatment plants and compact sewage treatment plants can be streamlined for different stages of treatment such as aerobic treatment, extended aeration, activated sludge process, etc. Our team engineers work closely with the clients to provide cost-effective solutions for their specific needs.

We also provide prompt after sales services for trouble shooting and maintenance of the installed system. Our sewage treatment plants have a proven record of performance in different industries, residential complex, institutions, hotels & resorts, etc. We have executed numerous projects for clients in different countries like Morroco, Jordan, Africa and Sri Lanka.

Sewage Treatment Plants For Hospitals

Hospital Sewage Treatment PlantHospital Sewage Treatment Plant

We provide turnkey solutions for designing, manufacturing, installation and commission of sewage treatment plants in hospital. These sewage treatment plants utilize advanced technology based on extended aeration principle.
It comprises of an integrated system which includes screen, collection tank, aeration tank, clarifier, sludge digester, filter press, dual media filters and diffused aeration system.

During primary treatment, wastewater is screened for the removal of solids, grit and primary sedimentation. The filter water is chlorinated for disinfection. Part of the wastewater is subjected to secondary treatment standards, which utilize special strains of aerobic bacteria (bacteria that need oxygen to grow) to break down the organic waste left after primary treatment. Secondary treatment process removes up to 95 percent of suspended solids in the waste stream and is significantly more effective than primary treatment in removing biologic pathogens from sewage.
We have accomplished several turnkey projects for installations plants in different hospitals of the country. Our engineers have designed sewage treatment plants for mega project under the Central Govt. for the largest hospital in the North East India, NEIGRIHMS. We can offer sewage treatment plant in different capacities based upon the requirement of the clients.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Sewage Treatment Plants For Schools And Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions Sewage Treatment PlantEducational Institutions Sewage Treatment Plant

Akar has successfully installed sewage treatment plants in various schools and educational institutes. Most of the sewage treatment plants are designed for recycling sewage for horticulture application. We can also design and develop plants which involves secondary treatment of the wastewater. Secondary treatment is referred to the biological treatment, which may be aerobic or anaerobic in nature. Different stages of treatment includes aeration, clarification, sludge digestion, sludge thickening, sludge drying or sludge minimization, etc. Our sewage treatment plants are supplied with facility for secondary treatment.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Sewage Treatment Plants For Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts Sewage Treatment PlantHotels and Resorts Sewage Treatment Plant

Our sewage treatment plants for hotels and resorts can be used for recycling wastewater generated from kitchen (which contains higher oil), laundry or toilet. These plants are based aerobic sewage treatment system. The innovative method involves secondary treatment process to counter effect foul smell. Most of the hotels and resorts prefer underground eatment plants to avoid its visibility. We have successfully many such as underground treatment in India and abroad. Our compact sewage treatment plant fabricated from steel is the considered best options for water treatment big hotels and resorts. These sewage treatment plants use bioreactors principal to reduce the retention times and speed up the biological degradation process. Akar compact sewage treatment is ideal for installation, where space is the major constrain.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Sewage Treatment Plants For Residential Complexes and Colonies

Our sewage treatment plant for residential complex is gaining importance from both the sanitation as well as water recycle points of view. Sewage is now being looked upon as an alternate source of water for specific uses. Treatment plant used in residential complexes and colonies are not much different than those used in Hospitals and Resorts. We have successfully confronted challenges for installation of sewage treatment plant with ADBR (Akar Dynamic Bio-Reactor) system. These packaged sewage treatment plants and mobile / compact sewage treatment plants can be easily mounted on a skid. Its unique design allow for easy assembly of the part and installation on-site. This plant occupies 65% less space and consumes less energy, compared to other plants.

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