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Akar Impex Private Limited
Akar Impex Private Limited
Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited Akar Impex Private Limited
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Equipment For Water Treatment Plants

We offer broad portfolio of advanced water treatment equipment to precisely control and monitor water treatment process. Our engineers can develop tailor made equipment to suit the specific process application requirements. All our plants and systems are based on latest technology that provides eco-friendly and cost-effective operation. We also excellent after sales services for operational assistance and maintenance of the systems.

Our wastewater treatments plants find application in diverse industries such as chemical, food processing, fertilizers, paper & pulp, etc. We have successfully handled various turnkey projects for commissioning of various plants in countries like Morroco, Jordan, Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.

Dual Media Filters / Multi Media Filters

Dual Media FiltersAkar Impex Private Limited

Our range of dual media filters / dual media filters are used in the facilities, where the raw material contains suspended particles, turbidity and iron. The dual media filters comprises of sand and anthracite as filtering media and polishing media respectively. Distribution and bottom collecting system are integrated in a compact unit. On the exterior of the unit, there are frontal pipe and isolation valves. Sand is used for removing the suspended particle and anthracite removes the odor and colour to make the water pure. Small pebbles are provided to support both the medium.

Akar Impex Private Limited



Clariflocculators are mostly used for chemical primary treatment for effluent water. These filters are designed to provide an economical and faster installation of primary treatment. The innovative design enables the clariflocculator to handle heavy slugs while delivering shortest floc settling time. Our range of Clariflocculators features high torque centre drive with sludge arm lifting device.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Chlorine Dosing Systems

Chlorine Dosing SystemsChlorine Dosing Systems

Chlorine dosing systems are simplest and most widely used disinfection system, worldwide. Chlorine is simple to dose, cost-effective and very efficient as a disinfectant. Diaphragm pumps are commonly used for application of chlorine to treat waters. In addition, plungers and some other types of pumps are also used to dose chlorine. Some times chlorine tanks are also to keep the water in contact for a longer period of time. Dosing can be done using liquid or gaseous chlorine as per the requirement.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Ozone Disinfection Plants

Akar Impex Private LimitedAkar Impex Private Limited

Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant available for drinking water and wastewater treatment. It readily disinfects bacteria and virus and is powerful enough to deactivate the protozoan cysts giardia and cryptosporidium. The disinfection plants from Akar creates ozone on site using electricity.Since ozone is generated on site, there are no need for purchasing chemicals, transport oration or storage of the gas. Ozone does not produce any harmful effect and leaves no long term residual oxidant in the water.

Akar Impex Private Limited

Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems

Ultra Violet Disinfection SystemsUltra Violet Disinfection Systems

We offer a modular, open channel, self-cleaning UV technology for disinfection of primary, secondary and tertiary effluent, or combined sewer overflows and stormwater. These systems provide a cost-effective way of chlorination and disinfection of the wastewater. Ultraviolet light is used to disinfect wastewater by altering the genetic material in cells so that bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms can no longer reproduce. In Ultra Violet Disinfection System, the UV light is produced by germicidal lamps which are submerged in an open channel.

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